Setup & Download


SitecoreExtend is a Sitecore package that is free to download for anyone who installs this plugin. It requires some configuration on the Sitecore side. Follow these instructions to get it up and running, and of course if you need help Contact Us for assistance.

  • Add Sitecore user domain named "modules" and then install the Sitecore package in the link below. Links to other version available upon request or will be posted as they become available.
  • Create your product template. Your product template can have any set of files you need, the only requirement is that it inherits from the BigCommerce product template that is included as part of this package.
  • Create the product root. This Sitecore item can live anywhere in your content tree, all products will be imported here. It is recommended that this item be a bucket.
  • Create the necessary BigCommerce accounts. This package requires both a web dav and api account to function properly. The api account will require the following scopes: Content, Customers, Customers Login, Information & Settings, Marketing, Orders, Products
  • If you are going to use a mixed user profile your user profile template extend the included user profile template.
  • Review the Sitecore Extend config file to ensure the settings are correct.
  • This is only the beginning! For further assistance please contact iMedia Inc.


Please install the Sitecore Extend app and authenticate through BigCommerce to download the installation package!